English Teachers' Profiles

All of our teachers are British, American or Canadian native speakers and are fully bilingual. They have gained a higher degree of education and/or a teaching degree. Equally as important, they are patient, good listeners and work hard at personalising their lesson plans to the student's objectives and pace of learning. In addition, their kind personality, sense of humour, and flexibility create a true positive learning environment. Since all of them have gone through the personal experience of acquiring at least one foreign language; they truly understand the learning process needed in order to achieve the language goals. We work as a team, we share our teaching ideas and we have access to the same teaching material.

English teacherHi my name is Toni. I was born in London and now live in Southern Ireland. I have been teaching for more than 10 years and have been really lucky to have covered a whole variety of teaching within that time: children's groups,  Esol to adult learners, private classes for primary and secondary school students and one to one adult lessons for exam preparation. I am also a literacy tutor.
Languages are definitely a passion of mine and I have learned French up to an Advanced level, this is something I have always loved and continue to do so.
My own language is something I find fascinating and intriguing. One thing I love about language is that there is ALWAYS something new to learn, even for fluent speakers.
I like to teach, using different resources, ensuring the classes are varied and interesting. Having been a language student myself, I know the different challenges that learning a second language can bring and I truly understand that everyone has their own learning style and each individual learns at their own pace
Learning a new language is so exciting and not only does it open the door to so many new Countries but with it comes, new people, new cultures and above all new experiences.
Let's go on this adventure together, you won't regret it!

English teacherHello! My name is Natalie and I live in Santa Barbara, California. I studied Global Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara and went to school abroad for one year in France. As a Global Studies major I focused primarily on culture, politics, and history. These interests were deepened during my time in France and I also became passionate about language acquisition. After graduating in 2011, I completed the TESOL certification and returned to France to teach English, where I worked with children, teenagers, and adults of all levels.
My approach to teaching is based on what I have learned in the class room with students as well my own experiences learning a language. I believe that we all learn the best when we feel relaxed and are enjoying ourselves. I aim to make my lessons stress free, interesting, and productive.  Everyone is different and so I believe each lesson should be tailored to the needs and objectives of the individual student. I genuinely enjoy this process and work hard to provide the materials and activities that will help you achieve your goals and have fun along the way!

English teacherHi, my name is Antonia and I am English and a qualified teacher with experience of teaching children, teenagers and adults. I know first-hand the difficulties of learning a foreign language as my University degree was completed in France and in a French business school and I lived and worked in France for over two years. I have a lot of experience teaching students from various European countries as well as China, Taiwan, Japan and Russia. I have a passion not only for teaching but also for languages. My approach is relaxed, friendly and  fun, I feel that we learn better when things are made relevant but most of all accessible and fun. I am very enthusiastic, motivated and thorough. I live near London with my two children and husband and we enjoy various sports – cycling, swimming, trampolining , walking but also love to travel and sample different cultures. I speak French, a little German, Spanish and Greek. I look forward to teaching you and sharing my love of languages and learning  with you.

English teacherHello, my name is Roger, and I am a native English speaker born in the US. I have been involved in teaching foreign languages to students of all ages and backgrounds for over 30 years. My graduate degrees are in French language and literature and I taught French at all levels at Southern Oregon University. One of my specialities is foreign language acquisition theory and approaches. During my tenure at SOU, I served for four years as Resident Director for the Oregon University System's study abroad center in Lyon, France where I also taught English language translation courses at the University of Lyon II. I have also had extensive experience teaching both French and English to corporate employees of international firms based in Geneva, Switzerland. Having lived in various foreign countries and having to adapt to a new language and culture myself, I understand fully the challenges involved in learning a new language.
I love teaching languages, and the most important part of my role, I believe, is to establish a comfort zone for my students so they feel good and not intimidated about learning a new language. Encouragement, positive reinforcement, gentle nudging are part of my approach. Language learning should be fun and satisfying for the learner.  My Skype lessons are always custom-tailored to fit the needs of my students, and I use a variety of approaches and techniques to make the experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are interested in conversational English, business English or help in preparing to take the TOEFL or the TOEIC exams, it will be a great pleasure to help you along your way.

English teacherHello!  My name is Priscilla. I am an American who lives in the southern part of the United States. Languages are my passion! I speak English, French, and Spanish. I also studied Japanese for a short time while in high school. I love to travel and learn about new cultures. 
As a teacher, I have taught French and English for many years to children and adults. I enjoy helping people reach their language goals. My Bachelors degree is in French. I have a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and am currently working on a Masters degree in French.
As a language learner myself, I understand the frustrations and joys that can come with a new language. I am here to help find an approach that meets your learning style so that you can reach your full potential in English!  I look forward to meeting you!

 English teacherHello, my name is Sachiko. I am a Japanese national and was born in Kumamoto, a southern province of Japan. I have been living and working abroad for more than 15 years. In 1994 I lived in Illinois State, in the United States where I taught Japanese culture and language.  This experience was my very first exposure to the ‘outer world’. Then, I lived in Africa and Asia working for the Japanese government and I also lived in Europe for my studies and family. My current residence is Bangkok, Thailand!
I have a Master's degree from the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands and have done a number of English-Japanese (vice versa) translations and interpretations through my work. I also teach TOEFL/TOEIC preparation classes as well as lessons for children. I am looking forward to talking to you on skype and helping you to improve your English!

オランダの社会科学研究所で1999年に修士号を取得しました(もちろん英語で)。さらに業務を通じて日英・英日の通訳・翻訳を多く手がけてきました。スカイプを通じてあなたの英語力アップのお手伝いができることを楽しみにしています! TOEFL/TOEIC対策や子供向けの英会話も教えます。