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A few useful websites

1. General Material and Exercises

An excellent site offering videos and recordings of news stories, in English. Good for intermediates but also for beginners:
To listen to the news from the BBC:

The Voice of America
The VOA's page of news items in special English:

National Public Radio
Listen to news broadcasts and in-depth analyses:

English Club
A very good source of sound files for listening to the news in English and for pronunciation:
This page on phrasal verbs is very good:  

Free English lesson






2. Dictionaries

Cambridge Dictionary
An excellent dictionary for advanced learners:

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
The standard-setting dictionary of the English language:

Etymology Dictionary
A very good and in-depth online English etymology dictionary:

3. Grammar

(University College, London)
A good site about English grammar:

Guide to Grammar and Writing
A good site on grammar, for example the use of adverbs:

Perfect English Grammar
A website created by an English teacher:

Quick and dirty tips
A few tips on Grammar:

4. Vocabulary and Idioms

Using English
Many idiomatic expressions on various themes:

Learn English Today
Long lists of idioms with examples:

A good site for writing sentences:

Self-Study Idiom Quizzes
A lot of quizzes on phrases with idiomatic expressions:

Enchanted Learning
Among other, a good list of adjectives used for describing people:

Commonly-used American Slang
More than 280 American slang expressions:

5. Business and Finance English

A very good on-line dictionary:

Business English Site
A very good site with various categories of business vocabulary with quiz-like exercises:

Business English Resources
Another very good site with lots of resources and a good selection of idioms :

The English Club
A page of business vocabulary from a very good site for English study in general:

An exam that most Business schools require:

Business Balls
A useful glossary of terminology and definitions from Business and Management:

Business Expressions
Many business expressions and tips:

Idiom Connection
Another list of Business vocabulary and expressions:

Business English Pod
A website on learning business English through podcasts:

6. Tests

English Test
Grammar, and many tests for TOEFL and other exams:

Test Your English
A specialized website to help prepare for the main tests:

Learning English Feel Good
Among other material, a good preparation for various exams, and vocabulary exercices by subject:

Jose Carillo's English Forum
Very good proficency test on this forum: