•  How do English lessons work on Skype?
Once you have downloaded Skype* ( on your computer, tablet or any other device, and have exchanged usernames with your teacher, on the day and time of your lesson you just need to be logged in to Skype and the teacher will call you. You'll hear the ring of a telephone and you just need to click on the green button in order to respond. You will then hear your teacher speak. It is preferable that you use a headset with a microphone attached. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher will open the Skype chat board option and throughout the lesson, he/she will type any new vocabulary, corrections, grammar points, etc… so that you can have some visual, textual feedback to complement the audio. The teacher will use the chat board like a black board in a classroom!

At the end of the lesson, you will decide with the teacher directly about the next lesson date.

If you sign up with Regular, Business, A La Carte, Intensive, TOEIC or Light lessons, and also for the Children's lessons, the teacher will send your homework in a Word file attached to an email within 24 hours after the lesson.

*Skype is a software application which enables us to make voice calls over the internet. It is free and very easy to use.

•  Do you use the webcam for the lessons?
We don't necessarily use a webcam unless for a child or an adult beginner. We have noticed that students often have the tendency to focus more on the sounds of the language without the webcam. With the chat board, you will have some visual aid. It is more effective to concentrate on listening comprehension and gain a comfort level with recognising the sounds. Nevertheless, if a student prefers to use the webcam, the teacher will be happy to turn it on.

•  Will I use a textbook during the lesson time?
Not usually but it depends on the language programme. If you sign up for the TOEFL/TOEIC or ESOL programme, you will have a book assigned and the teacher will choose particular exercises to work on from the book during the class time.
With the other programmes (Regular, Business, Light, Conversation, Intensive, A La Carte, Children lessons), we usually work with you on helping you gain better verbal expression and comprehension during the lesson time. Any new grammar point will also be taught during the lesson time and followed with immediate verbal practice. For homework, the teacher will provide you with practical work on the grammatical constructions and vocabulary that you've recently gone over in the lesson. Most students' objective is to gain a comfortable level of speaking and understanding. Nevertheless, we customize each programme to the student's objective, so a book might be needed during the lesson time.

•  How do I get more information and sign up for a programme?
You have two choices:
1. You can select and pay for a package of lessons directly on our website using the links provided on the page of each particular type of lesson. Afterwards, please fill out the contact form to indicate the package you have purchased. Once you have filled out the form, a teacher will contact you by email.
2. If you prefer to speak with an advisor before purchasing a packing, you need to fill out the contact form. Once we've received the form, one of our teachers will send you an email to set up a Skype or telephone appointment. During this short conversation, you and the teacher will define your objectives and your current level of English, and the teacher will suggest a programme that will best help you meet your objectives.
If you then decide to move forward with the programme, Learn English at Home will send an email to you with an invoice attached along with the payment links. Then a second email will be sent to you including the teacher's details and the confirmation date for the first lesson.

The different payment options are as following:
•  A bank transfer.
•  Credit Card or Paypal.

•  When registering for classes, what is the minimum commitment?
It is usually 4 lessons (5 for the Intensive lessons, and 12 for the TOEFL and other exam preparations).

•  Do I have to have the lesson on the same day and time every week?
No, we try to be as flexible as possible. At the end of each lesson, you will decide directly with the teacher on the next lesson date and time. If you need to skip a week or more because of your work, vacation time, etc., that's no problem; you just need to let the teacher know in advance.

•  Is it possible to do a combination of Regular lessons and Conversation lessons?
Absolutely! The student may book a programme with 2 types of lessons and take them alternatively... The minimum number of lessons to book is 4; therefore it is possible to sign up for 2 Regular lessons and 2 Conversation sessions. You can just inform your teacher and the price will be calculated accordingly.

•  I'm a complete beginner; can I book one of your programmes?
Yes, we've had many beginners at Learn English at Home. At this point, you will need to start with the Regular lessons as it will be important to do some homework in between the lessons.

•  What material do I need to purchase for the homework?
The learning materials that you might be asked to purchase for your particular programme will depend on the programme itself and the recommendation of your teacher. Nearly all of the instructional material used by Learn English at Home can be purchased on Amazon.

•  The connexion on Skype can be a bit unstable at times. What can I do?
If the connexion is unstable, we suggest that, if possible, you use a wired connection to your modem with an Ethernet cable, rather than using the Wifi system. With the cable, you should experience excellent stability.

•  What is the cancellation policy for scheduled lessons?
If you need to postpone an already scheduled lesson, you need to send a message to your teacher at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. The class can then be postponed to a latter date.

•  How can I renew for more lessons?
Please inform your teacher and he or she will arrange to have a new invoice sent.
to you

•  Outside of the lessons, do you have any useful tips on learning English?
Yes – please read the following article: Learn English at Home Tips

•  Can I take the TOEFL/TOEIC/ESOL exams at your school?
We prepare the student to pass the exam but you will have to take it at one of the registered exam centres.

• Can I choose my teacher?
We usually appoint a teacher who will be most suitable to help you reach your objectives and according to your availability to take the lesson. If you wish a particular teacher for any reason, please let us know and we will see if he or she is available according to your schedule.
If you reside in the US, we will most likely appoint a English teacher living in Canada or in the US.

•  Do you teach other languages?
In our system of language schools, we also have Learn French at Home, Spanish Lessons at Home and Learn Japanese at Home.

•  How were the English teachers at Learn English at Home selected?
The teachers are selected based on their past teaching experience, their university degree, their patience, their flexibility and adaptable teaching style, their positive attitude, their gentle personality, their communication skills, and their overall cultural knowledge of the world.

•  What if I am not comfortable with my teacher's style of teaching? Or what if we don't seem to get along well during the lesson time?
For any issues or any discomfort of any kind, please send us an email at and we will get back to you very shortly in order to discuss the situation.

•  Can I get a refund for any reasons?
The lessons are non refundable. However we will consider special cases related to a sudden health issue which makes it too difficult for the student to continue taking any further lessons.