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Learn English at Home's teachers will help you become more productive and communicative at work, at school and in your daily life. You will learn at your own pace with our personalized programmes on Skype.

What has made our reputation as a first-rate English school on Skype:
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—We teach with commitment
and our experienced teachers
truly care about your progress.

—Timely and positive feedback.

—Each lesson is customized
according to your own particular learning objectives and pace of learning.

—Complete flexibility in scheduling lessons, any day of the week.

—Personalized homework assignments corrected and returned to you.

—You can choose between a professional native American or British teacher.

—Graduated fee schedule and easy payment process.


Our English Learning Programmes

Choose the most suitable programme
according to your objectives:

Regular English lessons   Conversation English lessons
Business English lessons   TOEIC lessons
Children English lessons   A la carte English lessons
Intensive English lessons   Light English lessons

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